Kitchen table “San – Diego”


  • Tabletop: laminated chipboard;
  • table legs – wooden (alder), coated with matte varnish.
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Today the kitchen table, “San – Diego” is the best solution for the design of modern interior. Giving preference to the model of San – Diego, you can save space in the room and actually get a table 2 for the price of one.

Buy kitchen table “San – Diego” dreams of every woman, because it can be installed in the kitchen and in the living room. This is a very practical product which perfectly fit into any room design. This table is suitable for small-sized apartments, and for a great holiday home.

Basic quality table

This model is made of laminated chipboard (countertop), but the legs are made of quality wood (alder), while they differ safe lacquer. It created a table in the “modern” style, but the color can pick up any of the proposed:

Apple Locarno;
Walnut (light and dark);
Oak milk.
Our experts will be happy to help you out of the wide range of colors to choose a product that perfectly complements your home interior composition.

Why choose the kitchen table San – Diego? Price is often a major factor in the selection of such products. And this model will cost quite inexpensive. IC 02 also benefits include:

Ease of operation and so on. D.
A distinctive feature of this transformer is its unique design, which saves on space and money. At the same time it is very easy to spread, and transforming elements are made of durable materials, so you can not question their longevity. We offer a quality product that will last you quite a long time!

Додаткова інформація

Вага 16 kg
Розміри 81 × 61 × 12 cm

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Материал столешницы




Длина в сложенном виде

Длина в разложенном виде


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