Kitchen table “San-Marino”


  • Tabletop: laminated chipboard;
  • table legs – wooden (alder), coated with matte varnish.
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Kitchen table “San Marino” – is an indispensable solution for apartments or small-sized house, because it combines several important functions. San Marino Model can serve different purposes at the same time. It takes up very little space the product, but if necessary it can be placed behind a large number of guests during the meal.

Folding rectangular table made in the “modern” style, and its main advantage can be called a compact and affordable price. At the same time we do our best to our products easy to use. Each model is think through to the smallest detail: from design to functionality.

Reliability table transformer San Marino

If you love the convenience and practicality, then you should buy San Marino table. The table top is made of him the laminated chipboard, and feet of solid wood. Moreover, all the materials used have passed the necessary testing and are safe to be around. Wooden poles covered with varnish.

It should be remembered that the table for the kitchen is one of the most important acquisitions for the modern home. After all, he must not only be beautiful, but also functional, durable, and easy to use. All these requirements and meets the San Marino table, the price of which will delight you.

The product takes up little space in the room when folded, but will be an excellent way out when guests come to the house. The models produced by our company, have a modern design and is quite popular among buyers. In addition, our consultants will help you from the color palette to choose the right option. We offer you a table “milky oak ‘color, white, wenge,” Locarno apple tree “, mountain alder, dark and light walnut, bleached wood, elm Bergamo.

Додаткова інформація

Вага 18 kg
Розміри 79 × 71 × 12 cm

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Длина в сложенном виде

Длина в разложенном виде


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