Table “Baden-Baden”


  • “Basis” table has variable length and height of tabletop;
  • table made of laminated chipboard, installed on rubber caster wheels;
  • metal lifting mechanism.


Table transformer “Baden-Baden” our production – a quality feature-rich model, which will adorn any interior. This versatile table might look like coffee and lunch. For specific design makes it easy to transform it from one model to another.

Transforming tables are to date fairly sought-after commodity, because they can be installed in a room of any style and size. Table Baden-Baden, the price at the same time it is not so high, and fit perfectly in the living room and in the nursery, in the kitchen, and even in offices.

Main characteristics

Made “Baden-Baden” of high-quality components and materials. Table top and frame are made of laminated chipboard, the lifting mechanism of transformation – the metal. It is important to consider that the product is installed on the rubber rollers.

The design inside is equipped with a built-in system, which makes the furniture is in the option that is relevant at the moment. The highlight of this model is that you can not only change its width, and height. We suggest you buy a table Baden-Baden in shades of Wenge and Royal Oak.

The classical form of furniture allows you to set any stylistic premises. We guarantee reliability and durability of the presented products, because all materials used in the production have the appropriate documentation that confirms their safety and the highest quality. And our consultants are always ready to help decide on the best one, and they will tell, if necessary, how to operate the selected model.

Додаткова інформація

Вага 57 kg
Розміри 92 × 72 × 31 cm

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Материал столешницы




Длина в сложенном виде

Длина в разложенном виде


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